“If you are big or you are small,
If you are short or you are tall,
well that’s just grand…

If you’re not afraid of weirdos,
Or those who cannot spell,
Then please raise your hand,
and welcome to Wonderland!”


The creative team behind 2012’s smash hit musical adaptation returns to Wonderland, with audience favourites The Mad Hatter (Kathryn McCormack), White Rabbit (Simon Rainville), and of course, The Queen of Hearts, played by SBTS comedy powerhouse Tom Gordon Smith. Directed by Jesse MacLean, with an award nominated score created by Jeremy Hutton, this all-ages family musical will have you tumbling down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass for a crazy adventure… just watch out for the Jabberwocky!


Get your tickets below! (Tickets are still by donation, but audience members have the option of booking a "Sweet Seat" which includes a chair rental, a bottle of water and a guaranteed reserved spot in the first few rows of the audience.)


Alice In Wonderland at the Cambridge Battery

Alice In Wonderland in The Park Place Theatre

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