If music be the food of love, play on…

25 Years ago, it all began as a dream to present one of Shakespeare’s best-loved comedies in Point Pleasant Park. This summer, we’re returning to our roots with an all-new production of the first show the company ever performed! Twelfth Night really does have it all, a shipwreck, mistaken identities, love struck rich people, drunken knights, singing clowns, hi-jinx, low-jinx, screwball antics and general tomfoolery! What’s not to love?


Get your tickets below! (Tickets are still by donation, but audience members have the option of booking a "Sweet Seat" which includes a chair rental, a bottle of water and a guaranteed reserved spot in the first few rows of the audience.)

Twelfth Night at The Cambridge Battery

Twelfth Night at The Park Place Theatre

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