Ages 7-9

Saturdays 9:00-9:40AM (40 minutes)

$389 + HST 

Junior Shakespeare Class will make leaders, fighters, fairies and witches out of the tiniest Shakespeare fans! Focusing on plots of popular plays, storytelling, character, and speaking Shakespeare's text, students will use their imagination to become some of the most beloved characters in the canon.


Ages 6-8

Saturdays 9:50-10:30AM (40 minutes)

$389 + HST 


This fun, high-energy class introduces students to the foundations of performance technique in acting, singing, and dance. Using age-appropriate games and exercises, as well as works from the Broadway repertoire to learn and rehearse, students will absolutely love the process of preparing for their end-of-year recital at the Park Place Theatre!

...or, DO BOTH!

Saturdays 9:00-10:30AM (90 minutes)

$699 + HST (save $79!)


Your child can do both Junior classes back-to-back. The two 40-minute classes have a 10-minute break in the middle, which the teacher will supervise. We'll pop on ten minutes of a classic musical movie so the students can get a good rest and have a snack before starting the second class.