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Our mission is, and will always be, to make theatre accessible to as many people as possible.Your generosity and passion can help us achieve this goal!


Shakespeare By The Sea is a registered charity and thrives because of the generosity of our wonderful patrons. Make a small (or huge) donation today, receive a tax-receipt, and help ensure that SBTS lives on! 

Our charitable tax number is:


Individual Donor Levels:

Titania & Oberon      $1000+

Romeo & Juliet         $500 - $999

Antony & Cleopatra    $150 - $499

Beatrice & Benedick   $25 - $149

Individual donors will be recognized in our digital program, on our website, and will receive a tax receipt for the full amount.

Romeo & Juliet

Antony & Cleopatra

$25 - $149

Beatrice & Benedick

$500 - $999


Titania & Oberon

$150 - $499

Georgia Aitken

Mike Blaesing

Joe Burke

Sandy Chase

Judy D'Andrea

Kyle De Young

Hailey Guest

Michael Gray

Charlotte Hatfield

Anthony Hillman

Andrew Hurst

Barbara Isenor

Doug & Karen Lovatt

Anna MacDonald

Melanie O'Hara

Irene Orr

Alastair Sanders

Valerie Wilson

Judith & Henry Bird

Hugh & Anne Cameron

Clair Nowlan & Todd Codder

Diane Crocker

Martha Crowell

James & Beth Farquhar

Elizabeth Haigh

Barbara Leblanc

John Montgomerie

Susan McClure

MD Counseling

Kathlenn Nickle

Willa Dean Norman

Chris O'Hara


Mary Rigby

Jill Rafuse

Stephanie Sodero

G. Douglas Vaisey

Elizabeth Crocker

Helga Guderley

Peggy & Dave MacLean

Oriel MacLennan

In Memoriam:

Joan K. Walsh

Black Family Foundation

Marian Binkley

The Craig Foundation

Julie Chisholm & Ali Mawji

John & Judith Dudar

Elizabeth Murphy