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Our mission is, and will always be, to make exhilarating theatre that is available and accessible to everyone. By supporting Shakespeare By The Sea, you can play a major part in keeping the dream alive!

Shakespeare By The Sea is a registered charity. Every dollar donated to the company goes into the operations of the company, and every dollar means so much. We truly would not be here without the generousity of our wonderful patrons.

Please consider becoming a Shakespeare Lover today!


Click the button below to donate through Canada Helps, or email if you'd like to make a donation via e-transfer.

Charitable Tax #: 899072938RR0001

2022 Shakespeare Lovers

Beatrice & Benedick

Antony & Cleopatra

Romeo & Juliet

Titania & Oberon

Georgia Atkin

E. Bachman

William Douris

Thom Fitzgerald

M. Jane Fry-Sutherland

Michael Gray

Charlotte Hatfield

Terry & Stephanie Hurrell

Eve McDermott

Andrea Nemetz

Beverly Palmer-Mason

Matt Pilipiak

Peter & Brenda Phillips

Alastair Saunders

Colin Sutherland

Jeff Yung


Katherine D’Anjou

Judith & Henry Bird

Martha Crowell

Jacqui Good

Sandra Goodwin

Benjamin Kibblewhite

Peggy & Dave MacLean

Oriel MacLennan

Jill Rafuse

Charles Reagh

Sarah Riley & Jeff Rosen

Lucille Stuart


Charles Baxter

R. Hugh Cameron

Christina Dadford-Simpson

Ron Foley-MacDonald

Black Family Foundation

Marian Binkley

In Memorium: Mary Jürgens

Julie Chisholm & Ali Mawji

Hekuran Hani

Graham Steele


Elizabeth Murphy "Pass It On Fund"

Georgia Aitken

Nathan Bender

Terry & Stephanie Hurrell

Jennifer Power

Catherine Regan

Sandra Goodwin

John Montgomerie

Carrie Ricker

Louise Stringer-Warren

Christine Dadford-Simpson

In Memorium: Phil O'Hara
1953 - 2022

Looking to support us in other ways?

High-Five Club logo.png
Pass It On Fund

E. Murphy 

Genevieve Steele 

Ryan Zaldin 


Katarina Bakolias 

Elizabeth Crocker

Janice Cruddas 

Joanne Hussey 

The following people have chosen to dedicate their donation to the memory of Phil O’Hara, a longtime Chair of our Board of Directors and super-fan of SBTS, who passed away earlier this year. His dedication to our mission and presence at our shows will be greatly missed.

Try the High Five Club or support emerging artists with the Pass It On Fund

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