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Individual Donor Levels:

Titania & Oberon      $1000+

Romeo & Juliet         $500 - $999

Antony & Cleopatra    $150 - $499

Beatrice & Benedick   $25 - $149

Shakespeare By The Sea thrives because of the generosity of our wonderful patrons. Make a small (or huge) donation today, receive a tax-receipt, and help ensure that SBTS lives on! 

Any amount that you can give helps us to continue our mission to provide accessible theatre to as many people as possible. 

Individual donors will be recognized in our digital program, on our website, and will receive a tax receipt for the full amount.

Romeo & Juliet

Antony & Cleopatra

$25 - $149

Beatrice & Benedick

$500 - $999


Titania & Oberon

$150 - $499

Joe Burke

Alix Dostal

Christina Dadford & Rod Simpson

Melissa Grant

R.M. Graham

Michael Gray

Anne Greer & James White

Charlotte Hatfield

Terrence Hurrell

Andrew Hurst

Sudanna MacDonald

Martha Miller

Millstone Dental

James MacDuff

John A. Montgomerie

C.L. Murphy

Mellisa Grant

Ruth Boorman

Hugh & Anne Cameron

Cox & Palmer

Martha Crowell

Helene Deval

James & Beth Farquhar

Frances L. Gebhard

Jacqueline Good & Leon Cole

Sandra Goodwin

Elizabeth Haigh

Barb Leblanc

Peggy & Dave MacLean

Oriel MacLellan

Phil & Janet O'Hara

Jill Rafuse

Wendy Rees

Lucille Stuart

Jim & Louise Warren

Ryan Whalen

John & Nickie Young

Melissa & Level Chan

Liz Crocker

Helga Guderley

Rank Inc.

Marian Binkley

Julie Chisholm & Ali Mawji

Elizabeth Murphy

Lezlie Oler

Carrie Ricker