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Shakespeare by the Sea is looking for 100 new donors to commit to a $5 monthly donation. Doing so will make you a part of THE HIGH FIVE CLUB!

In addition to our eternal love and gratitude, members of THE HIGH FIVE CLUB will get to know our 2022 Season Programming a full 24 HOURS before we announce it publicly. A full 24 hours of knowing that secret info and being able to book your Sweet Seats before the rest of the world finds out. What knowledge! What power!

It’s super easy to join:

1. Scroll down to our CanadaHelps form below

2. Put in your payment info, and you’ve done it!

CanadaHelps will even give you a tax receipt for your contribution, so your accountant will know what a generous arts supporter you are! It’s really win-win.


Become a member of THE HIGH FIVE CLUB today!

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